It is our belief at Re-envision History that we cannot have a better future without first understanding our past.  It is difficult to identify with and help fix our current social problems without understanding the historical context behind these issues.  History allows us to see how we got to where we are today and why we are what we are today.  It teaches us the good things about humanity, and the bad.  It teaches us how we have changed, and how we have not changed.  It teaches us about the rise and domination of great civilizations, and that they do fall.  It also teaches us about overcoming insurmountable odds.  It shows us that one person can help change the face of the world.  It shows us that the impossible is possible, for better and for worse.  We can build a bomb that can annihilate a civilization, but we can also move a country to equality through peaceful means.  Knowing about ourselves, knowing about the choices we have made in the past empowers us to make better choices in the present and for the future.  It is our goal here at Re-envision History to provide material that will cause you to challenge your perceptions of history and to look at the stories of our nation through new eyes.  Some stories will be hundreds of years old while other stories of today.  We hope the stories on our website will contribute to a broader knowledge of who we are as a nation and how we can be better.

We hope to entertain you.  We hope to educate you.  But more, we hope to move us all towards a more peaceful, compassionate and equal society.


Janine Hubai has a Bachelor’s degree in History with a Minor in Peace Studies and a Master’s Degree in History.  Her research interests include the development of race as an institution and how the advancement of colonial powers influences a nation’s concept of citizenship, family, and individual identity in regards to race. How people identify themselves, each other, and the conflict that arises.  She also studied photography.